Veterans’ House Canada

The real solution to getting veterans off the street is to shift the focus from shelters and transitional housing to permanent housing.

In June 2019, the Government of Canada, with cross-party support, passed a motion presented by MP Neil Ellis, Chair of the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs, which calls for a plan to end veterans’ homelessness.

To fully realize this goal, it will require additional support from all levels of the community, including both private and non-profit sectors.

Veterans’ House Canada has an ongoing partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada to help reduce chronic homelessness and work towards an optimal solution. No other charity has addressed the issue of homelessness amongst veterans like Veterans’ House Canada, which offers affordable, supportive and permanent housing, starting with the first one in Ottawa, the Andy Carswell Building which opened in February 2021.

Through the development of the Andy Carswell Building, Veterans’ House Canada has cultivated an authoritative voice and respect across Canada in the way it has tackled the issue of homelessness amongst veterans. We are ready to take this initiative across the country – our second home will be in Edmonton, Alberta.

Having a permanent home has allowed veterans to recognize their symptoms and learn how to address their illness without judgement and begin their journey of recovery. Prior to moving into this new community, veterans have often had to present a mask of wellness in front of families and friends.

“If you’ve got a roof over your head, everything else is possible.”

Bill Beaton, Veterans’ House tenant