The pressure to marry is genuine. Whether it’s from your parents, your coworkers, or even your grandma and grandpa, everyone is clamoring for you to tie the knot at some point.

Although could it be really needed to wait until it’s a certain years before you can devote yourself to someone? We asked four experts–a licensed psychologist, an avowed dating and relationship authority, a licensed medical social staff member, and a matchmaking entrepreneur–to think about in.

According into a recent analysis, marriage as a adolescent is actually the most risky, and thus, likely to lead to a divorce. This is typically due to elements like monetary stress, home concerns, and brain production (it’s hard to get through adolescence while not learning a lot about yourself and your relationships).

This may also be difficult to get married as a teen mainly because you aren’t quite tall enough to make each of the lifestyle changes important to have a cheerful life together. But that isn’t going to mean you must avoid relationship altogether, says Doctor Fisher, that has a specialty area in relationship and romance counseling.

Aside from the fact that people who marry later are much less likely to divorce, there are other primary advantages of tying the knot someday. First, you happen to be less likely to find yourself with toxic and uninvolved persons. And, due to this fact, you will have more time to cultivate healthy and balanced relationships. You will also be more vulnerable to have a reliable, secure money. Finally, proceeding have a better understanding of yourself and what you want out of lifestyle and in somebody.